Do you want to delete WordPress account?

If, yes 

Then Before going to delete your website make sure. You have done these things 

Otherwise, Who knows you have. 

A website which Google is looking for is your’s.

If you want to delete your website without knows loss or profit, Then go ahead skip these section.

Why? Do you want to delete your website? Or is that solution to your problem? If you want to know. Then stay with me. 

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So why you want to delete your website. There could be many reasons for that like you have no time to optimize your website for search engine, or you can say website get penalized, or maybe its time consuming, it needs a lot of efforts, to get sales and results. There are many more reasons for 

Why people delete their WordPress account?

Or is there is any solution, The answer is


In this world, If there is any problem there must be a solution to that. 


For, That if you are facing any type of issues “Problems”. Which I told you above and any other online related problem. Then feel free to reach me at the contact section.

So, What could be the loss and profits. There is,

The answer is. If you are running your blog from more. Then a year and you wrote some sort of content out there. For your website and you promote it. Or you get backlinks or traffic to your blog.

Then you are out of your mind.

The reason is that you build some sort of authority in the eyes of google. That means you are out of the google sandbox.

Now, it’s a lot easy to rank on top of Google. if it is easy to rank on top of google that means. You can generate a lot more sales to your business.

Now, Some people might be deleting website because is charging you a lot of money to run your website


There are a lot of other options in the market. Where you can find more reliable and fast hosting plans to make your website.

Here are some cons if you want to delete your website from WordPress.

After deleting your site?

  • Your website will lose the content rankings in Google.
  • You will lose content from your website.
  • Visitors can’t see your content

If you don’t want to lose your content and other important things make sure you get the backup from WordPress

How To Delete Your WordPress Account

  1. Log into your wordpress.Com account
  2. Then head over to Account setting
  3. Scroll down to the bottom
  4. Click the Close your Site/Account permanently
  5. Then it gonna take you to another WordPress page
  6. Scroll down
  7. Click “Delete this site”
  8. Then it gonna ask you to put your “domain name”
  9. After putting your domain name
  10. Just hit the button
  11. Then you good to go

There is Video

Delete WordPress Account

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